A New Way Forward for Smart Buildings

IotaComm is a New Way Forward for Smart Buildings

A new way forward for existing buildings and new building plans. It's a way to upgrade and power applications and systems that buildings currently have into one solution to maximize efficiency and total costs. This is coming at a time when buildings need fresh alignment and new solutions that are intuitive to install end-to-end. Put simply, IotaComm will provide smart building automation in one, complete solution, and put you a step closer to making your building smarter.

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End-to-End Solution for Internet of Things

“Things” are primarily data sources that are digitized and can include information from equipment, sensors, people, environment, building, etc.

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Utilizing the trusted LoRaWAN® LPWAN protocol and eventually, our own 800 MHz FCC-licensed spectrum and multi-access gateways, our network is purpose built for connecting battery operated ‘things’ to the internet, offering superior building penetration, more reliable coverage and secure data transmission.

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Easy-to-install wireless sensors, meters and devices unlock valuable data from your existing infrastructure (Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental), providing granular visibility into your facility’s operations.

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Our Delphi360 platform gives you the insights and alerts to increase operational visibility and proactively manage your facility. Identify opportunities, improve performance and share insights across teams and organizations.

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By combining data and analytics, our platform provides a continuous feedback loop that optimizes energy efficiency, improves operational performance, drives significant facility cost savings and enhances the comfort and productivity of building occupants.


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Smart Buildings

Access your buildings’ intelligence, using our line of IoT sensors and cloud-based software, to deliver real-time remote-monitoring and alerts.

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Delphi360 Platform

Convert your data into actionable insight with Delphi360, our wireless connectivity and data analytics solution to drive greater efficiencies and savings!

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Reduce the complexity of energy management, become more sustainable and increase your profitability with our IoT driven sustainability platform.

  • People

    Studies show that creating a healthy environment increases labor productivity and general work satisfaction.

  • Planet

    Customers want to know how companies are reducing carbon output and helping to create a cleaner world.

  • Profit

    The market views Sustainability as a key financial driver. The pace of acquisition has been faster than most historic trends.


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