A Platform Turning Building Data Into Actionable Insights

Big Data has the power to transform how businesses operate, but is ultimately meaningless unless it leads to decision making that unlocks real business value. Possessing data is one thing, but understanding it is a different story. Companies today are inundated with data, but are operating without a comprehensive understanding of the business intelligence available to them. Organizations that learn how to turn data into actionable insights are the ones creating value and gaining a competitive advantage.

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What is IotaComm's SaaS Platform?

Our SaaS platform is an analytics and machine learning (ML) platform that utilizes energy, mechanical, and environmental IoT sensors to create energy efficiencies and improve operations. Ideal for many applications including Smart Building, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing. In return, helping turn your data into actionable insight.

Real-Time Data Access
Visual Intelligence
Event Notification
Predictive Analytics
Performance Reporting


Our wide array of energy and indoor air quality sensors include dust particulates, CO2, carbon monoxide, methane, and volatile organic compounds.


Our easy-to-use mobile and desktop dashboards deliver a visual understanding of your facility's energy usage, environmental conditions, and sustainability metrics. 


Our analytics and machine learning tools enable facility operators and owners to improve energy efficiency with automated controls for load shedding and scheduling.

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The smoothest-run operations in the world are IoT-enabled, which means companies pay less for energy and have higher-performing assets. Ask us how you can do the same with our easy-to-implement IoT solutions.