About IotaComm


Our mission is to connect the world’s things and leverage data using the power of our uniquely private and licensed, LoRaWAN® wireless connectivity on the 800MHz spectrum to enable health, safety and sustainability for commercial and industrial customers.

IotaComm™ was built on the premise that we could revolutionize how “things”, mainly battery powered environmental sensors, communicate with each other. We are advancing the digitalization of commercial and industrial facilities with a low-cost, high-value LPWAN wireless network based on the advantageous LoRaWAN® standard and our dedicated 800 MHz FCC-licensed spectrum.

Cellular networks were designed for people to communicate but are too costly and unreliable for most Internet of Things, smart building applications. Driven by this vision, we set out to build a next generation, fully dedicated network for wireless device connectivity that costs much less to operate, can travel long distances, and consumes very little power. Most of our sensors can run on battery power alone for as long as 10 years. Transmitting a multitude of environmental & building data safely, without interference or disruption from millions of connected devices has never been more achievable until now!

Terrence DeFranco

Terrence DeFranco

CEO & President

Kim Velez

Kim Velez

Vice President, Head of Marketing

Barclay Knapp

Marc Sanchez

Vice President, Product & Technology


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