Today, data and building management are more fragmented than ever. Leaving many of us left wondering where to start. Delphi360™ is a wireless connectivity and data analytics platform, built to integrate with devices and sensors. We are an end-to-end smart building IoT solution to deliver actionable insights. And you have our best-in-class services to get started.

For building and industrial site managers, operators, city planners and healthcare administrators looking to lower costs and improve their data management operations, Delphi360 helps you enable complete and secure smart data management through our long range, low power and low-cost wireless technology.

With the guided support of our customer success team, Delphi360 quickly converges various IoT data streams into a single, easy-to-visualize dashboard yielding actionable insights that help drive your organization’s health, safety, and sustainability goals.

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Guaranteed Quality, Credibility Interoperability & Scalability

Smart applications require an interconnected data-driven ecosystem and LoRaWAN® makes it possible to build networks and add sensors to places where it was previously not possible.

Using the de facto protocol for low power wide area network (LPWAN) connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), the LoRaWAN® standard employs robustness against interference and carries industry-grade security to ensure reliable and secure transmission of massive IoT sensor data that can be implemented across your facilities.

Our standard-based platform can be programmed for a variety of applications using diverse hardware devices supporting integrated solutions from an entire ecosystem of partners.

Innovation, Reliability & Flexibility

For customers who require additional levels of security and reliability, we offer a best-in-class premium network option. Built on our exclusive 800 MHz FCC-licensed spectrum and multi-access gateways, this premium network offering will be available in early 2022 and is the first end-to-end IoT network employing FCC licensed spectrum. As millions of sensors come online in the next few years, IotaComm can guarantee that your building data arrives safely without interference or disruption.

How It Works

With our unique wireless connectivity technology, we deploy long-life, battery-powered sensors that communicate to a gateway over LoRaWAN®, collect important environmental data that feeds into the Delphi360 platform for easy viewing, in real time. The result is a seamless system that meets the demand for various applications – Secure, Reliable and Low-cost to our customers.

Delphi360 is powered by a LoRaWAN® network architecture and supporting software to manage public city-owned or private networks, under a unified, scalable, multipurpose IoT network infrastructure. This unique infrastructure offers alternatives which drive more sustainable, healthy, safe and productive environments.

Reliable plug-and-play wireless connectivity with fewer devices and more scalability retrofitted in various building and campus styles

Our wireless connectivity is paired with battery-powered, energy-saving compatible LoRaWAN® hardware devices including sensors with multiple parameters and indoor/outdoor gateways that are installed in your desired locations. In time you can discover energy efficiencies and improve your overall building operations with the data that is collected by our gateway hubs and securely fed to our cloud-based network servers. Aggregate millions of messages a day from thousands of sensors using fewer gateways and base stations.

Next generation interference immunity

Exclusive use of licensed radio frequency bands in addition to unlicensed available options

Carrier-grade reliability and deep indoor propagation

The operating range of LoRaWAN® LPWAN technology varies from a few kilometers in urban areas to over 15 km in rural settings. It can also enable effective data communication in previously infeasible indoor and underground locations.

Ultra-low power consumption and total cost of ownership with simple maintenance

LoRaWAN® (LPWAN) technology is optimized for power consumption, LPWAN transceivers can run on small, inexpensive batteries for 10-15 years; reducing maintenance costs.

These simplified, lightweight protocols reduce complexity in hardware design and lower device costs. Its long range combined with a star topology reduce expensive infrastructure requirements, and the use of our unlicensed and already owned licensed bands, reduce network costs.

Seamless integration with existing systems

LoRaWAN® connectivity can cost-effectively gather critical machine data from more sources than the competition while integrating with existing legacy building automation systems, other existing smart city and smart building platforms including utility Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Custom Dashboard Views

Current data parameters are visualized through simple and customizable dashboard views also accessible on your mobile device. Your indoor or outdoor environmental conditions are visualized in real-time upon entering the system.

Advanced Analytics

Our commitment to research and development, advanced analytics, machine learning and predictive modeling, means that new maintenance insights will become available as your system dataset grows over time - including approaches such as demand response, control ventilation and fault detection to manage risks of mechanical equipment and motors.

Fast and easy implementation supported by a managed service

Our team of highly skilled and customer-minded consultants are with your every step of the way from implementation within days to full scale launch and on-going analysis. As your needs continue to evolve and change, we continue to offer actionable and cost-effective solutions to help you continuously optimize your operations so that your existing systems get even smarter and more efficient over time.

If you are a building or industrial site manager, operator, city planner, or healthcare administrator looking to lower costs and improve your data management operations, book a demo with our customer success team today!

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