Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) is the emerging business model whereby businesses are able to procure energy management products and technologies as part of a service or subscription agreement rather than the old model of outright purchase, own and maintain.  Iota’s EaaS includes our BrightAI smart building software platform as well as a myriad of energy conservation measures all combined into a monthly subscription. There are many areas that can be optimized for energy management, including lighting, HVAC, demand response and renewable energy utilization.  Iota’s EaaS simplifies the process of implementing an optimization strategy and reduces the risk by guaranteeing savings.  Additionally, Iota’s EaaS reduces capital investment through a “no-upfront cost” model and allows for scalability and protection from obsolescence.

      Solar Energy Systems

      Energy generation justifies itself in many ways. With all of the current benefit initiatives that have been put in place, the incentive structure guarantees that producing your own energy on site means dollars returned. Attractive ROI enhanced by substantial tax benefits, combined with the unyielding market demand for sustainability, and low maintenance, makes this a compelling, predictable, and dependable investment.

      • Substantial Tax Benefits
      • Major Energy Cost Reduction
      • Income Generation Potential
      • Achieve Sustainability Goals
      • Low Maintenance Costs
      • Increase Property Value

      LED Retrofit

      LED retrofit, which is incorporated into our Energy-as-a-Service solution, can also be deployed independently of the analytics & communications platform due to its ease of implementation and immediate upside. LED has crossed the threshold of total market viability, and our in-house lighting professionals know how to maximize this technology to both save you money and enhance your infrastructure. Iota provides fiscally smart financing vehicles for LED retrofit projects that speed time to value and transfer capital improvements to an operational expense. Financing LED means a shorter payback period and leverages cost savings to increase net operating income. Let’s talk about how we can slash energy costs through smart LED lighting solutions.

      • Reduce Lighting Energy Consumption By 65%
      • Complete System Control Options
      • 100K Hour Lifetime
      • Improved Ambience
      • Reduced Maintenance
      • Capture Automated Lighting Metrics
      • Lower UV Radiation
      • Shock & Impact Resistant
      • Color Temperature & CRI Variability
      • Varied Form Factors
      • Instant On/Off & Dimming Compatibile

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      The smoothest-run operations in the world are IoT-enabled, which means companies pay less for energy and have higher-performing assets. Ask us how you can do the same with our easy-to-implement IoT solutions.