Iota is currently sponsoring several programs for existing spectrum license holders (called Program Licensees).

Network Hosting Program
Our Network Hosting Program is designed to provide a “turnkey” solution for new 800–900 MHz spectrum licensees to simply and cost-effectively meet their FCC requirements, while simultaneously positioning themselves for optimal future value realization from their property. Iota accomplishes both objectives by:

  • Aggregating all Program Licensees and their available frequencies onto a single, purpose-built, national network
  • Constructing that network in a way that Program Licensees acting jointly effectively maximize their purchasing power and share infrastructure costs
  • Resulting in a network that can support compelling wireless applications in its own right as well as being potentially adapted for applications developed by others

In short, the Network Hosting Program seeks to maximize the benefit of Program Licensees acting together and in concert, to both reduce initial costs and increase future opportunities.

Spectrum Leasing Program
Our Spectrum Leasing Programs division sources all necessary spectrum for the operation of its proprietary IoT communications network.