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GROVR GPS Tracking


Improve Efficiency

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times.
  • Reduce fuel consumption with better routing.
  • Dispatch more efficiently through route data management.

Improve Customer Service

  • Find closest vehicle to customers.
  • Send drivers on the quickest routes.
  • Improve response times.
  • Provide better arrival estimates.
  • Verify historical driver activity.

Improve Safety

  • Monitor and reduce unsafe driving.
  • Locate stolen vehicles.
  • Stop unauthorized usage.
  • Create alerts for unauthorized use, speeding, geo-fencing, and more.
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Trucking ELD


Ensure ELD Compliance

  • All new rule sets including state variances and exception rule sets.
  • Country specific rule sets for U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.
  • Automated duty status changes and electronic driver logs.
  • Restart rules, rest breaks and sleeper berth, personal conveyance and yard moves provisions are included.
  • Advanced Alerting and Notification System lets users know before compliance errors occur.
  • Includes GROVR GPS tracking services.
GROVR E-Track device ELD
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GateKeyper dashboard


Device Features

  • Customized questions answered correctly allows vehicle/equipment start.
  • Control which operators are authorized to use equipment.
  • Prevent untrained users from operating equipment.
  • Proactive, real-time monitoring of equipment, vehicles and operators.
  • Instant remote operation control.
  • Complete history of operator and administrator activity.
  • Continuous training.
  • Improve safety and operator competency.
  • Tablet can mount inside on vehicle dashboard or outside on heavy equipment.
  • Included GPS locator services.
  • GROVR enhanced GPS tracking and GROVR E-TRACK can be added to the same device.