How can AirFinder be used for tracking Municipal Buses, School Buses and Passengers?

We are introducing mobile access points which allow you to find the real time location of a vehicle and its related contents.  This means you can pinpoint the real time location of a vehicle or its passengers while they’re on the move!  You can receive alerts for when a passenger or vehicle leaves or arrives at a certain access point as well.

In a municipal application you may want to track the bus and its driver, identify the bus location real time, and verify the driver is on or near the bus.  Bluetooth readers can often be used for passengers if you want to monitor when they get on and off the bus.

For school buses, you can monitor the location of the bus and verify the students on board.  You can provide tags to students to track when they get on and off the bus.  If the access points are expanded to school grounds, the same tag can be used as an Student ID and verify their location on the school campus.

Need More?

In addition to AirFinder, if you want enhanced GPS tracking for your vehicles, we offer GROVR Plus.  We’ll provide you with a radio device for each vehicle and a GPS tracking software application which can help you improve efficiency, customer service and safety.  Monitor driver and route history, speeds, geofencing, and more.

Asset Tracking

About AirFinder

The AirFinder Real Time Location System (RTLS) offers location intelligence at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.  AirFinder is a network of Bluetooth® proximity readers, installed in locations where you need to know which equipment and staff are nearby. Low cost iBeacon tags are affixed to moveable assets. Staff ID badges can be outfitted as AirFinder tags too. Using proprietary long range, non-WiFi, wireless technology, the proximity of the tag to the reader is relayed back to the central access point. Through a web or mobile dashboard, real time location of your assets is at your fingertips.

Locate Assets in Real Time

With AirFinder, you can locate assets quickly and take action.  AirFinder can be configured for your needs to locate assets or people in a general area or down to a very specific location using a variety of proximity readers and reference points to achieve the level of accuracy you required.  Use alerts and rules for actionable intelligence. Groups of items can be linked and tracked together.


AirFinder currently works with any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device running the iBeacon protocol. AirFinder requires less infrastructure than most other systems.


AirFinder lets you skip the hassle of obtaining IT department permission by using the Symphony Link wide area network. You control the network, not the IT department.


Through the AirFinder User Interface (UI) or using our API, you can know if an object has left an area, how often it was in a place, etc.  Create custom reports by tag, groups of tags, and by reader.


The AirFinder mobile app (Android and iOS) allows for simple and quick provisioning of a small number of tags and will in the future support the same functionality as the web UI.

AirFinder is powered by Link Labs Inc.