Iota designs and delivers energy solutions that reduce operational expense and increase operational efficiency. All of our energy services are backed by finance vehicles to provide short term payback.

We Know Buildings

Commercial building owners and operators understand the need to balance tenant and operational costs to stay competitive in the market. Often times, massive opportunities exist in the built environment to leverage demand response, renewable energies, and IoT applications to optimize operations and increase NOI. Iota provides a full spectrum of services to commercial building operators that create long term asset value.

Increase Net Operating Income

Iota’s IoT platform transforms commercial buildings into sustainable, money saving, data producing smart facilities. By combining our highly customizable IoT platform with engineering expertise and financing vehicles, our consultants are able to provide short and long term roadmaps to create additional value within any class of building.

Proven Success

LED lighting retrofit for 225k SF office building with 43% energy savings. Demand response program to cut peak energy charges by 68%. Indoor environmental sensors to balance air supply and cut energy by 24% on HVAC systems. Occupancy sensors with dimming switches to reduce LED consumption by 18%.