Iota designs and delivers energy solutions that reduce operational expense and increase operational efficiency for retail operators. All of our energy services are backed by finance vehicles to provide short term payback.

Optimized Climate Control

Retail and supermarkets operate variable environmental conditions throughout the store to keep food fresh and appealing to consumers. These systems represent significant sources of energy consumption as well as varying degrees of risk for the operator. Iota works reduce the operational cost of stores while mitigating loss with predictive maintenance packages to keep profits high.

Risk Avoidance & Cost Savings

Iota’s IoT platform transforms supermarket operations into sustainable, money saving, data producing smart facilities. Our combined IoT and engineering capabilities allow us to tie disparate data sources together for a 360 view of energy consumption, and allows us to identify areas of alerting and risk mitigation. Imagine a facility that leverages clean energy, minimizes peak energy consumption, and alerts you to critical infrastructure failures before they happen.

Proven Success

LED retrofit to reduce energy cost by 57%. Custom cooling sequence to slash peak demand charges by 30%. Electric & gas de-regulated procurement to reduce costs by 8%. Custom IoT application for cooler and freezers to eliminate downtime.