BrightAI, from Iota, is an Industrial Internet of Things platform that gathers, stores and analyzes data that is critical in measurably improving efficiency and productivity for various commercial applications.

What is BrightAI?

BrightAI is an analytics and machine learning (ML) service that employs energy, mechanical, and environmental IoT sensors to enable energy efficiency optimization and asset protection. We provide visual and predictive analytics from a library of events and conditions from which to model disparate data streams and ML algorithms into energy savings. BrightAI is ideal for many applications including Smart Building, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing. In essence, BrightAI blends data and analytics to optimize energy efficiencies and asset performance.

BrightAI Features

Features that enable our clients to easily integrate environmental IAQ and mechanical data into BrightAI.

Simple easy to use visual dashboard combining energy and environmental information

We provide the visual understanding of sustainability metrics and energy efficiency

Using our mobile and desktop dashboard, we deliver a visual understanding of facility energy usage and environmental conditions

Our wide array of sensors include energy and indoor air quality monitoring including dust particulates, CO2, carbon monoxide, methane, and volatile organic compounds

Our analytics and machine learning tools enable facility operators and owners to improve energy efficiency with automated controls for load shedding and scheduling