Reduce Consumption by 65%

Iota delivers LED lighting retrofit services that are intelligently designed and financed to minimize the payback period while delivering value from day 1 of the installation. Lighting retrofit is often considered the low hanging fruit to instantly, and easily achieve significant reductions in energy usage.

Customizable, Smart LED Solutions

LED lighting can not only reduce energy waste by as much as 65% upon installation, it can also be customized based on building demand. We work with clients to outfit LED retrofits with dimmable lighting solutions based on occupancy and natural lighting supply. Let’s talk about how we can slash energy costs through smart LED lighting solutions.

LED Retrofits Are Fiscally Responsible

Iota provides fiscally smart financing vehicles for LED retrofit projects that speed time to value and transfer capital improvements to an operational expense. Financing LED-as-a-Service means a shorter payback period and leveraging cost savings to increase net operating income

LED Retrofits Can Improve Ambience

LEDs provide a spectrum of warm and cool colors which can improve the atmospheric ambiance in any facility. In addition to potentially dramatic energy savings, LED lighting can significantly improve interior aesthetics.

LED Lighting Has Extensive Life Time

Many LED lights have an expected lifetime of 25 years. This means that the cost to maintain your lighting systems will require less overhead over the course of a retrofit versus standard florescent lighting.