Analyze. Optimize. Monetize.

Remote Monitoring

Iota’s line of IoT sensors enable us to remotely monitor energy and environmental conditions and provide feedback visual insight into operations and conditions. Iota provides granular visibility into energy consumption including facility load signature, equipment operations, and environmental conditions.

Automated Demand Response (DR)

National studies have determined that significant cost reduction opportunities exist for facility operators who are reducing peak demand charges through demand response programs. By profiling load signature of HVAC equipment and lighting to operating characteristics of facility our BrightAI enables modeling of energy, weather and indoor air quality to optimize energy efficiency given utility pricing and weather conditions. The equipment and lighting load signatures also provide a baseline of operating conditions and allows for performance benchmarking and modeling of energy conservation initiatives.

Automated Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

Iota’s automated DR and DCV enable facility operators to reduce both peak demand and energy consumption. Our DR and DCV services blend IoT sensor data including HVAC equipment, lighting, and machinery to create energy profiles and load signatures. The energy load signatures together with indoor air quality, weather and utility data are combined with analytics and machine learning to formulate strategies to optimize energy efficiency. BrightAI can provide the intelligence, design solutions, and automated services to reduce peak demand and consumption charges.

BrightAI enables peak demand reduction and lower energy consumption by responding utility pricing, weather conditions and indoor air quality to better manage energy while maintain a healthier environment for employees, customers and visitors. BrightAI can help reduce energy costs by 20-to-40%.

Fault Detection and Threshold Alerts

Analytics and Machine Learning – Enable Fault Detection and Threshold Alerts

Iota provides a subscription-based service of predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms that are designed to manage risks of mechanical equipment and motors. Our services provide 24/7 monitoring of mechanical operating conditions. Often maintenance costs are less expansive than emergency repairs. Our analytics and ML algorithms are designed to optimize equipment performance through fault and anomaly detection, electric signature analysis as well as power load operating characteristics.

Additional Service Offerings

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring
  • Commissioning Services including retro-commissioning and continuous commissioning
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V)
  • Baseline Energy and Performance Benchmarking

Iota’s automated Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring platform enable facility operators to monitor indoor air quality. Some of the sensor monitoring includes CO2 sensors that both the Environmental Protection Age3ncy (EPA) and ASHRAE specify limits to the amount of CO2 is allowed in schools or offices. Additional air quality sensors include volatile organic compounds, methane, carbon monoxide and dust particles as well as temperature and humidity monitoring in order to compare against building zonal set points.

We aggregate data from IoT sensors connected to building load, mechanical equipment, weather and indoor air quality and apply analytics and machine learning to optimize energy efficiency. We formulate algorithms for fault detection and diagnostics as well as provide visual and predictive analytics.