Iota brings turnkey project development and management, utility compliance, and contract administration, along with seasoned expertise in technology, procurement, and integration to the emerging field of solar energy.

The Economics of Solar

Iota Renewable Energy creates detailed financial models specifically for your site to satisfy your unique objectives. From pilot projects to regional roll-outs, our team of experts will anticipate your needs and ensure an effective and viable renewable energy plan for your business.


The ability to turn idle roof space, parking areas, or brownfields into cash-generating assets drives much of the investment in solar today. Your organization’s building or land could be perfect for a solar installation yielding thousands of dollars in additional income every month. Contact us and let us setup a feasibility study to learn more.


The current Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit of 30% has been extended through 2019, but will gradually reduce to 10% by 2022. With many tax incentive programs set to expire, Now is the time to take advantage of Federal tax benefits to preserve capital and increase operating income.


Electricity prices continue to climb as traditional energy resources grow more scarce. Institutions, eager to lock-in stable rates over the long-term, have turned to the promise of renewable energy for its consistency. Solar energy installations rely on free abundant energy from our sun so the price you pay never goes up.